How the little girl ended up in the big city

New York City, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…. Well, I made it there.

Below follows a short description of the past few months, to make sure everybody is up-to-date.

Ymke followed her big love to the big apple. Even though that sounds romantic, it has not always been that romantic the last couple of months.

Right before our ski trip at the end of February, Xander got the final word on his job in the United States. It was approved and we would move to the U.S.A. for at least half a year. However, this did not happen out of the blue. Already since October last year, Xander has been lobbying with both Capgemini and the client to realize this. One moment we were sure it was going to happen and the next we were convinced of the opposite. Before the final decision came through, we were already making plans to stay in the Netherlands. I had just accepted a job in the Hague and we were thinking about buying a house together.

On Friday February 17th the long expected call came through, it was final. WE ARE GOING TO NEW YORK! After the initial joy and laughter (Xander had caused some confusion with his spontaneous action to invite our families over, but not tell them what the occasion was), reality hit. In about 4 weeks we were expected in America?! And there are a million things to arrange? This is serious! Luckily we had some time during the ski trip to let it sink in, but when we got home there was no time to waste. Terminate the rent, clear out the house, getting all the necessary papers ready, booking the flights, in between all that we had to move Xander’s grandparents, quitting my job en I could continue on like this. Like I said, not very romantic.

But after 1.5 months of very hard work and a lot of help from our lovely friends and family, we have finally arrived in the land of endless opportunities.

I have to say, it is a little strange to me still. We are currently in a hotel and are busy looking for an apartment. As it seems, we have found one (and not just any apartment..). Finding a place to live in America, especially in New York City, is something entirely different. But more about that in my next blog.

Xander is already very busy with work. It seems like he is getting busier by the day. But that is the reason we are here. I, on the other hand, am busy finishing things up in the Netherlands, applying for a visa for the next period here, finding volunteer work etc. In short, trying to make a life for ourselves.

My idea for this blog is not to keep you updated on my daily worries. In the few days Xander and I have been here, we encountered a lot of cultural differences. What I want to do now is to regularly write a blog about a different aspect of life in the United States and how this compares to what I know from life in the Netherlands. This is bound to be a little biased, but it seems like an interesting thing to do.

So for now, greetings from the Empire State.


Rounded Rectangle: © Ymke Oerlemans, 2012

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